About me

Rick Geyer

Hello! My name is Rick and I would love to briefly share my story with you.

I have been in great shape most of my life. I have a beautiful family, enjoy coaching sports and I love good and healthy food!

My wife is also very active and a ballet dancer/teacher. When we got married we were both in great shape. As most of you may know, a lot of things change when you start having children. They are truly a blessing, but many of us have the tendency to let go of ourselves when they enter our lives.

I want to share with you what Shakeology did for me and my wife and to precisely present the facts of Shakeology Nutrition and its benefits.

So as you might imagine, when my wife had our second beautiful baby boy, Justin, we both gained some weight, well, a lot of weight. Being that we both desired to be fit, as we once were, we decided to research what would be the best weight loss product for us. After much thought and research, we could not fathom not giving Shakeology a try!

Also, my wife was breastfeeding and felt great with the prenatal vitamins and wanted something that would continue to promote her health as well. So if you search around this site, then you will know why we chose Shakeology. Health and weight loss!

One of the top reasons why I highly recommend Shakeology and made it easy to purchase through this website, is because this shake really helps to suppress craving! Check out the video of recipes ideas on the main page.

So What is Shakeology? I will explain better throughout this website, but to be short for the purpose of my story, Shakeology is a wonderful and tasteful shake with super fruits and super vegetables. It contains top nutritional value that provides incredible health benefits and the ability to lose weight AND keep it off!

So me and my wife  and I have chosen Shakeology to lose weight, because it is extremely healthy.  Not  just that, it possess what we really need for best health on a daily basis

I created this venue for everyone to be able to buy Shakeology just like me, at any time and fast!  There is no need to become a beach body coach or member, simply place an order through this website.

As you can tell, this is why I highly recommend Shakeology:

  • I feel wonderful and strong, I am fit again and it really satisfies my hunger.
  • The fact that my wife and I lost more than 30 pounds speaks for itself and we are feeling great, and have lots of energy.
  • The nutrition inside the super fruits and super vegetables provides us with everything we need on a daily basis.

Here are pictures of my me before and after Shakeology. As you all know, some amount of exercise is HIGHLY recommended to lose weight and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. I added some exercise to my daily routine, right in my living room, and only 30 minutes per day. I highly recommend that you do that, as well, for greater and faster results. I have included some articles on simple daily exercises and other food intakes that will help your weight loss journey even further!

One Shake, a few healthy meals (check some awesome easy meals under the important articles) and some exercise! Check out my pictures, this happened within a few months.

If I can do it, so can you!

Shakeology works
Before Shakeology
where to buy shakeology
After Shakeology

Me and Caleb before I decided to drink Shakeology as my breakfast meal, implement a few daily routine exercises and control the amount of food on each of my meals! This happened in only a few months. The healthiest way.  The way that became my and it can become your new healthy life style, too! I did and so can you.

I hope my honest story can motivate you today and point you to the best direction for your weight loss and healthiest life; The Nutritional way!

IF YOU ARE READY for Shakeology, then just you can get it here 

Feel free to contact me at any time at info@wheretobuyshakeologyonline.com

Cheers to your best healthy life,

Beachbody Coach Rick Geyer